Anonymous Voting

We will do our best to keep the voting anonymous. That means, during the voting, will will make sure to give out no indication (e.g. in the song title, description, instrument or sample info, track info, …) who the author of any of the contributions is etc. (Of course, some authors might be recognizable by their specific and distinct style by others, but that's just beyond our sphere of influence.)

The Votedisk

After the deadline for sending your contributions we will release a votedisk, along with the pack of anonymized entries. The votedisk will faciliate you the playback and evaluating of the contributions in the tracked music category – your votes will be stored in a file that you send us. The results will be available shortly after collecting the votes. The voting will be public – anyone can take part.

Technical note: The votedisk will most likely use the Bass DLL. If you experience any form of incompatible playback of your tune, you may want to notify us.