In a Nutshell

TVMAN CHIPCOMPO is a competition of „chiptuners“ – musicians composing chiptunes. In this case, there's a following restriction – the music module is given to the participants to use it and use it only.

If You want to take part, too, you can basically choose between remixing the preexisting tunes or creating new ones – either in a „in-game“ or „level completed“ kind of mood. After the deadline for contributions expires and the entries are made public, a second phase comes out in which both the old and new tunes are challenged to be remixed yet again, this time in the new-school way (streamed instead of tracked, MP3 instead of XM). Hope you'll enjoy it!

The Story

TVMAN is our retro game we (the organizers – nula and crs) developed few years ago. To provide sound and music for it, we decided to make all-in-one big module containing in-game music, music for menu, for the final scene as well as jingles between completed levels. To emphasize the retro aspect of the game, we agreed to use a limited number of common old-tune-sounding instruments and build up on them.

Over the weeks and months we were striving to equip our game with some decent music in every level until we came to realisation we may just have created a music module „monster“ of record proportions as of number of motives and overall playing time. After spending such a long time with one module and one set of these instruments, we got the idea of how other chiptuners would be doing, given these restrictions. And so came the idea of organizing this compo.